Hello civilians!

It’s been a while! Here are some updates from me:

  1. I’ve been reading
  2. i am now 13
  3. VBS is a very fun place to volunteer
  4. i cannot make omelets
  5. i have found my roller skates
  6. i have realized companies have been commenting on my blog.

Summer has been hot and rainy here in Huntsville. Luckily, it didn’t rain on the 4th of July so we were able to shoot off FIREWORKS! My family wasn’t able to shoot any because my parents were working, but I went with my friend to watch them at the mall.  Hope your summers are awesome!


Picnics in the park,

catching fireflies after dark.

Building castles in the sand,

and everyone is getting really tanned.

splashing in the pool,

trying everything to keep cool.

Shopping sprees, and skinned knees,

always enjoying that refreshing breeze.

Summertime is here,


Hope everyone’s summer is COOL! (harhar)

Happy Memorial Day!

This may be a little late, but I just wanted to wish everybody a Happy Memorial Day! This may be an American holiday, but you folks in other countries can still honor you’re troops. Memorial Day is all about thanking those who have died while in service for our freedom. In fact, for those of you who don’t know, there’s always a parade here! I remember when I was still in Girl Scouts, we made thank you notes for the soldiers and gave them out to the men and women soldiers who were there. We also made signs that said things like “thank you for serving us”, “We appreciate you”, and mine even said “you ROCK!” with a picture of a rock in the corner. (the soldiers who saw my sign waved and smiled, some of them even gave a thumbs-up!)

Anyways, even though I’m not in Girl Scouts any more, My classes and I still do things for troops! Our teachers know some soldiers personally, and they have us decorate cards to send to them and their fellows-in-service. Make sure you thank them!!!!


Ideas for summer stuff

I wanted to tell you people what I WANT to do over the summer, and get your opinion.

  • A weekly art gallery- A bunch of random art I find online (or I do myself) and post it on here- do not worry little potatoes, for I will not violate any copyright laws, I will do everything in my power to avoid it!
  • Random Poem clusters- ask kids to blog poems, then have them leave their blog site for all to check out! Then gather them up and post them all as one!

That is about it, so I’ll keep blogging and ask you to too. 😉 Let’s keep in touch!

Brushing up on my reading…

Here are some more books! Enjoy!

  • Ranger’s apprentice (John Flannagan)- This book series is about a boy named Will who doesn’t seem to fit in with the other kids in his ward. He (along with the 4 other kids) had lost their parents and the Baron gave them a home in the castle, along with when they turned of age, they got a position in the castle. Will, being the odd one out, can’t seem to find a place he wants to be. When the mysterious Ranger named Halt wants him to be his apprentice, Will is unsure whether he is able to fulfill his expectations as a ranger…
  • Warriors: into the wild (Erin Hunter)- When a perky young cat named Rusty gets tired of living the dull life of an ordinary house cat, he sets off into the forest to see if he can find the wild cats his friend Smokey keeps telling him about. When he finds them, he wants to join up. But this poses many questions: Will he be able to leave the lush life of a “kittypet” to become a tuff, bone-crunching, fighting cat? Will he be able to survive? and finally Will the other cats accept him? As Rusty, awarded with the new name Firepaw, battles out the harsh life of a wild cat, he learns that this life is not as good as he’d planned.images (1)images

Another Year, drawing to a Close…

Oh my, how this year has passed us by!

the Tables of Time have been turning!

As we pack up our stuff and leave

Our insides may be yearning.

Things to learn and people to meet!

But this is no time to grieve,

summer has finally come!

With it the days of  wishful thinking,

and fun in the blazing sun.

In the sand prints of our feet,

as we run along the beach.

Remembering back to your friends,

and all the things they teach.

Keep blogging folks! I know I will!

Food Pyramid

This is a message from your local Hannah:

Hello kids! I have visited this wonderful blog today to tell you about the FOOD PYRAMID. Now, some of you may think “the food pyramid is for liittle kids and health freaks”, but really, (quite honestly), it is for everybody. the food pyramid tells you how much of what type of food you need everyday! But today, many kids and parents just throw aside the food pyramid and get tasty, yet terribly unhealthy snacks. In fact, so many people do that the child obesity rate is higher than it’s ever been! Here is the FOOD PYRAMID, but remember, if you eat healthy and stay active, you don’t have anything to worry about!

food pyramid

If I had no Past?

Mrs. Seeley, you pose an EXCELLENT question. What if you had no past, like Misha from ‘Milkweed’? For those of you who have NOT read or started reading ‘Milkweed’ by Jerry Spinelli, (also the author of ‘Stargirl’, you know who I’m talking to!) It’s about a young thief boy who lives in Warsaw, Poland during World War II. Now, he has a problem! He doesn’t know who he is, who his family is, pretty much whenever he tries to remember his past, it draws up a blank. The only thing he has of his past is a small yellowish stone around his neck. One day, he meets Uri, who takes him to his hideout to meet his friends. Apparently, (according to them), he is a Gypsy. Uri decides to make up his past! So now he is Misha Pisudski. (I hope I got the last name right!)

What Mrs. Seeley asked:

  1. How would you feel if you had no past?- Honestly, Mrs. Seeley, I’m sure I’d be really frustrated, never knowing who I am or where I came from…
  2. Look at this picture:roma-woman-and-children-1v0xsdd-300x218This is a gypsey family leaving a concentration camp. Does this image remind you of Misha? What about his made up family Uri gave him? Could this have been the unfortunate outcome for them?- Yes, yes, (because of all the children 🙂 ), and possibly


Hey Peoples!

Right now, we are learning about the Holocaust in english class. Miss Seeley, being Jewish herself, cannot stress enough how terrible this genocide was. You need to know, of course, how disgustingly horrible this is,  because we don’t want this repeating itself again. AGAIN. Yup, that’s right, Hitler got the idea from America. We treated the African American race like dirt. Not exactly as extreme as Hitler, but still pretty bad. Of course, though, we need to know what happened, all of it’s filthy anti-semitist beliefs, because we cannot be ignorant and say things like “ohhh, we’re not proud of our history, so these kids don’t need what happened. There will just be a big gap in history here.”  That’s just not right. So we need to come out of the dark and relise that those actions were and are not acceptable.